Misono knives, sold at Korin, a fine Japanese kitchenware store in Manhattan, have a 750 year history of traditional Japanese knife crafting.

This knife packaging embodies the perfectly balanced design of Misono knives, as well as displays the single blade, a traditional Japanese knife feature that differs from western double blade knives. Tuck it away flat in your drawer, stand it up on your counter, or display the beautifully handcrafted  knife.





"Water is life" 

The black tubular forms of this  modular typeface design reference the DAPL. Amongst all the many issues with the pipeline, I focused on these words MNI WICONI, as a reminder to us all that water is a limited resource, and constant access to clean water is something many of us take for granted. 

In  the installation, I posted the word in every sink and water fountain on my school campus, hoping that through repetition I would be able to coerce people to look up the meaning of the words, which brings up articles on Standing Rock in hopes of spreading awareness.



Document your life in 360 degrees, Eight Days a Week. In this app, you take a panorama a day, saving one extra for a spontaneous, memorable moment. Revisit spectacular vistas, remember times where there is too much going on for a single frame photo to capture, and reflect on your life in one seamless stream of images.

Optional to order photo rolls of a certain vacation, event, or any fun time.

"I've been working eight days a week" - Paul McCartney 








These psychedelic indie rock band inspired candy rolls REFLECT the mesmerizing and vibrant nature of MGMT, Animal Collective and Passion Pit's music with these colorful illusion patterns.


This pamphlet, created for the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, includes an article written by Bob Graham entitled, "Release More 9/11 Records" and focuses on how the progress of science has enabled certain processes to identify the victims who still remain.


BUL, meaning fire in Korean, is a unique single serve bloody mary mix fusing the spices of Korean Cuisine with your traditional bloody mary mix. Recommended to be mixed with Soju for a brunch special after a long night or Karaoke in K-Town.



In this branding of the Ayahuasca Monologues, an annual event in NYC,  I focused on scale. The differences between how different scales of a campaign should convey information and how scales of secondary and display typefaces can vary and still show hierarchy and unity across platforms.








The Pharmacology of Ayahuasca formats the research of Dr. Jordi Riba.  The slightly warped type, colors, and illustrations are meant to convey more of the spirit and experience of the plant alongside the structured, informational report.







I designed this website for one of my bosses, using her concept of creating a blog that introduces a variety of nifty products and gadgets available on the web.  Alongside these projects, LightYears provides its own DIY alternatives, often repurposing everyday items.

The complex layers of 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami center around ideas of alternate universes; places that resemble our reality but are slightly off.  For this book project, the inner pages are living in a differently proportioned cover, who's inner surface is reflective. The columns of copy separate as the main character becomes more disconnected from her reality; so gradually that the reader may not notice.







Dr. Chi Kim (photographed below) opened Personalized Medical Care, LLC this year in Connecticut, a new venture combining traditional and functional medical primary care.